David Friedberg of The Production Board rendered in Simpsons style. Image is a copyright and trademark of Origin Cloth (origincloth.com) all rights reserved.

David "Queen of Quinoa" Friedberg is a prolific angel investor and entrepreneur focused on heath and renewable energy tech. He runs the Production Board which aims to reimagine making earth a better place for its inhabitants. He famously SPAC'd Metromile (INAQ) with bestie Chamath Palihapitiya in 2020 and has investments such as HelloSign, Metromile, Kaggle, Clara Foods and More.

He is probably the smartest of the besties and can explain Alpha Fold to a 5 year old like a seasoned Jedi Master.

He is one of the four besties of the All-In Podcast with David Sacks, Jason CalacanisChamath Palihapitiya and plays poker games together. 

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